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Meagan Klein

Mula Yoga


Mula Yoga was born from Meagan’s love of yoga and the outdoors. Meagan is a Colorado native, who trained at Yogalinda in Barcelona, where she completed her Instructor Training in 2015. She has since taught in Spain, the U.S., Belgium, and currently in Denmark, where she lives and studies Global Nutrition and Health. This degree will accompany her BSc in Psychology, which she received from MTSU in 2015.

Meagan's familiarity and personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and obesity have fueled her passion and drive for a career in health and wellness from a holistic perspective. You will find elements of her background in her classes, as well as fun, challenging, and playful movement. Whether you have never stepped foot on a mat or you can wrap your feet around your head (Beginner to Advanced, if we are being proper about it), you will feel more than comfortable in Meagan´s classes.

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