Yinyasa Yoga

Wed, 18:30

Service Description

Dear Yogis, Flow with me through some dynamic Vinyasa Yoga and finish the class with grounding Yin Asanas. Enjoy the end of your day at this magical place at Ofelia Beach. Enjoy the last bits of the summer! NAMASTÉ!

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Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy: We hold the right to cancel the class 2 hours prior to the scheduled starting time in case of bad weather or not meeting the minimum class requirements. You will be notified of cancellations via email and on the Wix Namaste Outdoors App. Class Requirements: There must be a minimum of 2 people signed up in order for the class to be held. The class can be no more than 24 students. In the case that Namaste Outdoors cancels a class due to weather or otherwise, the class pass clip or single session will be refunded to your account.  Cancellation: You can cancel on the Wix Namaste Outdoors App. You have 2 hours prior to class to cancel your booking. Member Cancellation: If you are a member (class pass or season pass holder who has paid community membership fee) and do not cancel within the 2-hour window, you will be charged a 35kr No-Show/Late Cancellation Fee. You will not use a class pass clip for a cancelled session. Non-Member Cancellation: If you purchased a single session or student session and do not cancel within the two-hour window, you will lose your single session. Single sessions, season passes, and 5/10 class passes are for personal use only and can not be used by others. Abuse of this can lead to a cancelled membership.

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