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Retreat with us
Escape to the serene forest of Ryd, Sweden this autumn for a rejuvenating yoga and meditation retreat. Surrounded by stunning fall foliage and fresh air, this retreat will provide a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the stress of daily life and focus on deepening your yoga practice.
Oct 26, 2023, 2:00 PM – Oct 30, 2023, 2:00 PM
Skoven Kalder,
Krokshult 5, 360 10 Ryd, Sweden

Below you will find all the information about the retreat and what to expect. Please feel free to reach out if you should have any other questions or requests. 

The Retreat
SK Lake.jpg
The Retreat

Welcome to our 5-day yoga retreat in the Swedish Forest this autumn! This retreat is designed to provide you with a rejuvenating and immersive experience that connects you with nature and your inner self. Here's what you can expect:


Day 1: Arrival and Welcome


You will arrive at the retreat center in the afternoon, where you will be welcomed by our experienced and knowledgeable instructors. You will settle into your accommodations and have a chance to explore the surroundings before the evening yoga practice. In the evening, we will have a gentle yoga session to help you unwind and ground yourself after your journey, accompanied with a yoga nidra practice.


Day 2: Grounding in Nature


We will start the day with a nourishing yoga practice to awaken the body and mind. After breakfast, we will take a guided walk in the forest to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of autumn foliage. We will have a nourishing lunch, followed in the afternoon by a restorative yoga practice and meditation. In the evening, we will gather around the fireplace for some hygge time, and a short meditation to set you up for a restful night's sleep. 


Day 3: Exploring Your Inner Landscape


We will begin the day with a dynamic vinyasa yoga practice to energize the body and awaken the senses. After breakfast, we will have a workshop on mindfulness, exploring how meditation can help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. In the afternoon, we will have a free time to explore the forest or relax in the numerous cozy spots throughout the property. In the evening, we will have a yin yoga practice and sound bath to promote relaxation and inner peace.


Day 4: Opening Your Heart


We will start the day with a heart-opening hatha yoga practice to cultivate compassion and gratitude. After breakfast, we will have a workshop on pranayama, and exploring how breath can help us balance our energy and enhance our well-being. In the afternoon, we will have a free time to journal, read, or take a walk in the forest. In the evening, we will have a cacao ceremony to deepen our connection with ourselves, each other, and nature.


Day 5: Integration and Departure


We will begin the day with a gentle yoga practice to honor our journey and reflect on our experiences. After breakfast, we will have a closing circle to share our insights and offer gratitude to ourselves and the community. We will check out from our accommodations and say farewell to the Swedish Forest, feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and inspired.


Overall, this 5-day yoga retreat in the Swedish Forest is designed to offer you a holistic and transformative experience that combines yoga, nature, and spirituality. Our experienced instructors and beautiful surroundings will provide you with the perfect environment to deepen your practice, connect with yourself, and nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Your Teachers
The Teachers
Malika Dahl

Malika fell in love with yoga thirteen years ago and has been practicing ever since. She completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training at the end of 2019, and has been since offering yoga classes in studios, outdoors, and online. Malika's classes are heavily influenced by hatha yoga, but she also loves teaching yin yoga, restorative, and vinyasa flow classes.


Malika's yoga training was  followed soon after by a cacao ceremony and sound bath facilitator training.  It was here she continued to satiate her desire for knowledge in plant medicine, just one of her many curiosities. Since then, she has completed seversl different teacher trainings, and will weave this knowledge into her practices. 


During the retreat, Malika will utilize her expertise in cacao and lead you through an introduction and a ceremony to connect with the food of the gods. You will also be pampered by one of her incredible sound baths, and treated to a some specially sequenced classes to maximize your experience.

Connect with Malika:

Meagan Klein

Meagan is a Colorado native, who has been teaching yoga since 2015. The flexibility of teaching yoga has since allowed her to teach in Spain, the U.S., Belgium, and currently in Denmark, where she lives with here beloved pets and partner.


Meagan’s familiarity and personal struggles with depression, anxiety, physical illness and limitations, fueled her passion and drive for a career in health and wellness from a holistic perspective. You will find elements of her background in her classes, as well as fun, challenging, and playful movement. You will also be encouraged to laugh and let loose.

During the retreat, Meagan will be guiding you through some gentle Vinyasa Flows, a sweet Restorative session along to Malika's serenading sound bath, as well as a guided Pranayama practice. As a lover of all things outdoors, you will also be sure to find her having a daily dip in the lake and a peaceful walk in the forest, that you are always more than welcome to join!

Connect with Meagan:

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The Retreat Center: Skoven Kalder
The Retreat Center: Skoven Kalder

The forest calls, can you hear it?


Deep within the Swedish forest lies Skoven Kalder, literally translated to "The Forest Calls."


Claus Vedel, is the one behind the magic and hosts retreats throughout the year in his little piece of paradise on earth. He has built and restored Skoven Kalder for the past 14 years.
The property was originally meant to be a holiday home for him, family and friends, but the forest called even more, and 5 years ago he gradually opened up various rentals and events. 

It is Claus's vision to keep creating in Skoven Kalder, and to build on the dreams that are still rattling around in his head. He is kind enough to welcome us to his space, and share the beauty of the surrounding forest, the tranquil lake, and all the wonderful amenities across the property.


In addition to the beautiful yoga shala that overlooks the lake, and the common house where we will gather for meals and cozy time, Skoven Kalder consists of a dozen cabins, where you have the option of booking a single or shared room. There is also a big sauna on site that we will be making good use of in our time. 

We eat and have fun in the main house, practice yoga in the forest shala and sleep in cabins. If you need to go to the toilet or take a shower, this takes place in the main house, which is equipped with luxe, spacious facilities and heated floors. 

The Menu
Screenshot 2023-03-27 142141.jpg
The Menu

At our retreats, we are committed to serving delicious vegetarian, organic, and seasonal food to nourish our guests. We believe that food plays a vital role in our overall well-being, and we want to provide meals that not only taste great but also support our guests' health and vitality.

Skoven Kalder takes the time to source the freshest organic ingredients available and will choose seasonal produce that is at the peak of its flavor and nutritional value, and incorporate it into our meals in creative and exciting ways. Our menus will be carefully planned to ensure that each meal is balanced and provides our guests with the nutrients they need to feel energized and focused throughout the day.

We will also cater to any dietary restrictions or food allergies our guests may have, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and well-cared for during their stay. We will provide a range of options for each meal, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan dishes.

Our dining area will be a welcoming and relaxed space, where guests can enjoy their meals in the company of others or take some quiet time to themselves. We will encourage our guests to savor each bite mindfully, taking in the aromas, flavors, and textures of their food.

Overall, our goal is to provide our guests with a nourishing and memorable dining experience that reflects our commitment to sustainability, health, and well-being.

Wellness Activitie
The Wellness Offerings

Along with several daily yoga, pranayama, and meditation classes, we will also have a few special activities for our time at Skoven Kalder. The yoga styles will include Yin, Restorative, Hatha and Vinyasa, to meet all of your needs for movement, and stillness. In addition, we will enjoy a cacao ceremony, a soothing soundbath, outdoor sauna with a view and the option for a cold dip in the lake, and time to spend in nature. 

A cacao ceremony is a traditional ritual that involves the ceremonial consumption of raw cacao, often combined with meditation, sound healing, and other spiritual practices. Before drinking the cacao, the group may offer prayers or intentions, set the tone for the ceremony, and express gratitude for the earth, the ancestors, and the spirit of cacao.

We will also incorporate sound healing into the retreat, where Malika uses instruments such as singing bowls, drums, or gongs to create a vibrational field that promotes relaxation and harmony. The sound waves are believed to penetrate the body and mind, releasing tension, trauma, and emotional blocks.

And don't forget about spa night! There is a beautiful sauna on site, that we will use a couple times over the weekend. For those who fancy a dip in the lake, we highly recommend pairing this with a steamy sauna session. We will also provide each person an essential oil sugar scrub to use for the spa nights and to take home to add to your self-care routine. 

The Investment
The Investment


  • 7,459 DKK - per person (enkeltværelse/private room)

  • 6,899 DKK - per person (dobbeltværelse/shared room) 

Save 700 kr on Early Bird Discount, by booking before July 1st, 2023!

(Deposit of 2,500 DKK is paid upon registration, and the remainder of the ticket price is due by September 15, 2023. You can pay the remainder in installments, or you will be charged the remainder automatically on September 15.)

The price includes accommodation and full board. You will be served healthy, vegetarian meals made by Skoven Kalder – breakfast, lunch, dinner, herbal tea and coffee. In addition, you get daily yoga lessons, loan of yoga equipment and a. Towels and bed linen are also included. Note that toilets and bathrooms are located in the main houses. 

The price is exclusive of transport to and from the course location. It is a 2.5 hour drive from Copenhagen. Alternatively, you can take a direct train from Copenhagen H to Mörrum. It is possible to arrange collection at the station for an additional cost of 150 kr per person. 

Multiple Dates
Jul 20, 2024, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Kayak Bar,
Børskaj 12, 1221 København K, Denmark
Write to us here:

Thanks for reaching out, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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