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Changing with the Season, Waning with the Moon

An Autumn Retreat

Join Meagan and Malika from Namaste Outdoors, for a lovingly curated retreat to end the Summer season and transition to Fall. 


September 23rd - September 25th, 2022

We are excited to offer you our first Namaste Outdoors retreat, a relaxing weekend to celebrate the autumnal equinox in Dronningsmølle! We look forward to hosting you for three days at the Danish seaside for a chance to connect with yourself, with nature, and with those souls sharing this magical experience with you.


Retreat Price:
DKK 3999
Must be paid in full after 1/9/2022

Autumn Retreat

Your Retreat

Enjoy three days of bliss at Seeds of Life in Dronningmølle with the lovely Meagan and Malika.

Our teachers have spent time carefully crafting a program designed to guide you through the changing of the seasons and prepare you for the darker months ahead.

The Autumn Equinox falls on the 23rd of September, the first day of our retreat. This marks the day of the year where there is perfect balance between daylight and night. During this period, as we move towards Winter, this time allows us to turn inwards and focus on self-reflection, while also slowing down the pace. This notion of balance and introspection will be a guiding principle throughout the weekend, so you may find yourself in tune with Mother Nature and her descent into the colder months.  


Our passion for nature and our connection to the outdoors has also inspired our program and our menu. We will take time to enjoy Mother Nature at every opportunity, including our outdoor spa night with sauna and wilderness spa. We will nourish your body and feed your soul with an amazing menu with vegan and gluten-free meals, made with love and locally sourced ingredients. 

Find out more about:


The Retreat Center

The Hosts: Meagan

The Hosts: Malika

The Program

The Yoga & Meditation

The Menu

The Cacao Ceremony

The Accommodation

The Outdoor Spa Night

The Directions

The Terms & Conditions



The Retreat Center

SEEDS OF LIFE is located in Dronningemølle 500 meters from the sea and surrounded by lots of beautiful nature. Here you can be yourself.

Seeds of Life is originally one of the old cottages, which over time has been converted into an eco retreat. It offers plenty of space, large terraces, and campfire sites that surround the main house and the newly built temple, which holds up to 13 people for yoga, ceremonies and other similar activities. There is also a wood-burning spa and sauna that we will take advantage of on Saturday evening. 


Seeds of Life is luxury for the soul and does not try to be a modern course center. It is an authentic space where silence, slowness and soul can unfold and one can let go and enjoy being oneself in a nurturing community. The place pays homage to simple living and the principle of; less is more. 

Visit the Seeds of Life Website here.


Connect with Seeds of Life:

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The Retreat Center

The Hosts: Meagan

Meagan is a Colorado native, who has been teaching yoga since 2015. The flexibility of teaching yoga has since allowed her to teach in Spain, the U.S., Belgium, and currently in Denmark, where she lives with here beloved pets and partner.


Meagan’s familiarity and personal struggles with depression, anxiety, physical illness and limitations, fueled her passion and drive for a career in health and wellness from a holistic perspective. You will find elements of her background in her classes, as well as fun, challenging, and playful movement.

During the retreat, Meagan will be guiding you through some gentle Vinyasa Flows, a sweet Restorative session along to Malika's serenading sound bath, as well as a guided Pranayama practice. All of the classes will tie into the idea of transition and change, and connect to the grounding earth element. 

Connect with Meagan:

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The Hosts: Meagan

The Hosts: Malika

Malika fell in love with yoga thirteen years ago and has been practicing ever since. She completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training at the end of 2019, and has been since offering yoga classes in studios, outdoors, and online. Malika's classes are heavily influenced by hatha yoga, but she also loves teaching yin yoga, restorative, and vinyasa flow classes.


Malika's yoga training was  followed soon after by a cacao ceremony and sound bath facilitator training.  It was here she continued to satiate her desire for knowledge in plant medicine, just one of her many curiosities.


During the retreat, Malika will utilize her expertise in cacao and lead you through an introduction and a ceremony to connect with the food of the gods. You will also be pampered by one of her incredible sound baths, and treated to a some specially sequenced classes to maximize your experience.

Connect with Malika:

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The Hosts: Malika

The Program

Friday, September 23rd

14:00-14:45 - Arrival

15:00-15:45 - Afternoon Flow with Meagan

16:30-18:00 - Cacao Ceremony with Malika

18:30-20:00 - Dinner 

20:30-21:30 - Sound bath and Restorative Yoga

Saturday, September 24th

07:30-08:00 - Pranayama with Malika

08:00-09:00 - Morning Flow with Meagan

09:00-10:30 - Breakfast

11:00-12:45 - Beach Walk & Meditation

13:00-14:30 - Lunch

14:30-16:30 - Free Time

16:30-17:30 - Afternoon Hatha with Malika

18:30-19:30 - Dinner

19:30-22:00 - Spa Night (Sauna/Hot Tub)

We will provide you with an all-nautral, vegan, take home scrub to be used for spa night. 

Sunday, September 25th

08:15-09:00 - Pranayama with Meagan

09:00-10:30 - Breakfast

10:30-11:10 - Pack and Tidy Up

11:15-12:30 - Yang to Yin with Malika

12:30-12:45 - Closing Circle
13:00-14:00 - Lunch

14:00 - Departure and Farewells

Retreat Program

The Menu

Aside from our retreat offerings, your ticket includes:

Three daily organic, vegan and gluten-free meals

Fresh vegetables from the nearby farm 

Unlimited Stemple Coffee & Tea


A word from Siigurd, the owner of Seeds of Life, about eating while retreating with us. 

"I have worked with food at a gastronomic level most of my life and over the years have become particularly preoccupied with the simple, clean and sustainable kitchen - without compromising quality, taste and experience.


Eighty percent of my commodities are traded
directly in Aarstidernes gårdbutik. The rest comes from my own herb garden and small growers that I have experience with and full
faith in.

For two decades, I have worked with and participated in spiritual and personal development. Often I have missed a deliberate vibrating diet that supports this deeply healing work - precisely because of this, my vision is that good food is always part of the retreats that are held at Seeds of Life." 

at 09.00

at 13.00

at 18.30


Additional Offerings:
(Paid in addition to ticket price per day)

Muri Multi fermented non-alcoholic bubbles - DKK 195

Espresso latte - 25 kr
Turmeric latte - 25 kr
Matcha latte - 25 kr

The Yoga & Meditation 

An integral part of the retreat, are the yoga and meditation classes. Both Malika and Meagan will host you in the Lama Tashi Shala, for a variety of class styles, designed to accommodate all levels and all bodies. 

We will welcome you to Seeds of Life with a short 45 minute practice, and use this time for you to connect with the space and the nature that surrounds us.


After the cacao ceremony and dinner on Friday, we will wrap up the first evening with an immersive soundbath and restorative yoga class.


Saturday morning, there will be an optional pranayama (breathing) practice with Malika. This will be followed by an hour long flow with Meagan, to get the day started on the right foot, before we head off to breakfast.


Around midday Saturday, the group will take a walk to the sea where we will lead an outdoor meditation and offer you the chance for a dip in the water, if you like.

Following lunch on Saturday, we will take a bit of time for ourselves before gathering again for a deep dive into your Hatha practice with Malika.

The final morning of our retreat, we will again offer a short pranayama practice before breakfast.  You will have a bit of free time to pack and enjoy Seeds of Life, before joining together again for a final Yang to Yin class with Malika.

All the classes are optional, however, for the best experience, we encourage you to join as many as you can!

The Yoga & Meditation
The Menu

The Cacao Ceremony

Food of the Gods


The drinking of ceremonial cacao is a long held tradition of plant medicine in South America. This potent plant will transport you into your heart for deep reflection and connection with yourself and nature. Full of antioxidants, minerals, and delicious taste, this plant is a true gift for the body and soul. The slight bitterness of the cacao has a grounding effect and will be the perfect way to arrive at the retreat center fully.


We will gather in a circle, pay homage to this beautiful plant of the Amazon, and venture into a deep meditative state. We will explore what the changing season means to us and prepare our body, mind, and soul for the months to come. There will be time for journaling and reflection during and after the ceremony, so  bring your favorite notebook along.

What are the benefits of cacao?

Cacao contains a lot of wonderful compounds, which will elevate you and make your heart sing. Anandamide and theobroma work as anti-depressants and stimulate motivation. Blood flow increases and oxygenates the whole body better, which is highly beneficial for your concentration.


What is a cacao ceremony?


During a traditional cacao ceremony the first sip of the cacao is offered to the Gods by pouring it into the fire. The rest is drunken as a thick cacao drink, often followed by music, meditation, shadow work, and journaling. Cacao allows you to travel deep inside your heart. It opens up doors for exploration of your soul - it is your choice if you want to walk through the doors or stay put. Join us for a heart opening and soul connecting evening of music, meditation, journaling, and drinking delicious cacao.

The Cacao Ceremony
The Accommodation
ueF6nW5c (1).jpeg

The Accomodation

This will be an intimate retreat, with only 12 spots available. 


The eco lodges accommodate 2 people per room: 

2 rooms with Loft Style Bunk Beds (4 pers)

3 rooms with Single Beds (6 pers)

1 room with Double Bed (2 pers)

Single beds and bunk beds are wide (90cm x 200cm). Showers and toilets are shared.


If you're interested in the room with the Double Bed, you are welcome to share the space with a friend or partner. Please inquire with us for Double Bed booking.  


If you want to share a room with a specific participant, send an email to

Normal Pricing:

DKK 3999


Deposit of DKK 1750  due at time of booking

Remainder to be paid in FULL before September 1st, 2022


The Directions

Namaste Outdoors is all about connecting to mind, body, and soul through the practice of Yoga, while immersing ourselves in Nature. We want to honor Nature not only by connecting to it but also by acting with Sustainability in mind.

Seeds of Life is only a short trip by train away from Copenhagen. If you prefer to travel by car, we encourage car pooling between our participants. A link to an excel sheet will be provided for you once you have signed up. You can use it to either offer your own car for car pooling or find a ride with someone else. Or maybe you would like to find a buddy to travel on the train together?

Seeds of Life
Poppel Alle 25
3120 Frederiksborg

From Kobenhavn H:

Take RE train to Helsingor

Change trains in Helsingor

Take 940R train towards Gilleleje

Get off at Dronningmølle St.

Walk 650m and you have arrived!

The Terms & Conditions

Note that after 01/09/2022,

all payments for retreat tickets must be paid in full. 


Upon booking, a deposit of DKK 1750 per person is paid.


You will receive an email confirmation that your deposit has been received and your spot reserved.


Balance Owed:

Remainder of balance owed to be paid in FULL by September 1st, 2022.


Upon paying the deposit, we will issue an invoice to be paid by September 1st for the remainder owed. If the balance is not paid manually, it will be deducted automatically from your account on the 1st of September.


If the balance payment does not go through, you are still obligated to pay the remainder of the balance according to the cancellation policy.


If you choose to cancel before September 1st, you will receive 1/3 of the total amount refunded to your account.


Any cancellations after September 1st without transfer of ticket, and we reserve the right to keep the entire amount paid.


See details on how to Transfer a Ticket below.


Remaining Balance after Deposit:

Normal Pricing - DKK 2249


Cancellation Policy:

Registration is binding. In case of cancellation, 1/3 of the amount paid is refunded.


Transferring a Ticket:

If you cannot attend, you can sell your place to someone else for the full price. This must be approved with Namaste Outdoors before the transfer can take place.


If there is a waiting list, you can transfer your ticket for an administration fee of DKK 350.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at

Retreat Terms
The Directons

The Outdoor Spa Night

An extra layer of luxury on your retreat.

In addition to the beautiful eco lodges that are on site at Seeds of Life, there is also a lovely outdoor spa that we will partake in. We have reserved Saturday evening for a cozy spa night together in the fresh air.

The facilities include: 

Sauna with essential oils and views to the garden

Wilderness hot tub to soak in under the stars

Open-air shower to enjoy at your pleasure


To  complement outdoor spa night, we will spoil you with  cool mint ice tea and organic fruit servings. Not only that, but we will also be providing some homemade organic scrub made with essential oils to use and to take home with you. 

The spa will be available for use from 19:30-22:00 on Saturday, September 24th.


Out of respect for other people attending the retreat, please remember to bring a bathing suit if you would like to participate in spa night. 

Outdoor Spa Night
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